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Digi TransPort FTP Port Forwarding

The following instructions describe how to configure the Digi TransPort’s VPN settings: 
1) Log into the Web User Interface (WebUI), and navigate to Configuration – Network > Interfaces > Mobile
2) Expand the Mobile Settings section, and change the Enable NAT on this interface to the IP address and Port option, as shown in the screenshot below: 


3) Apply and Save the changes.

4) Next, navigate to Configuration – System > General.

5) Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section, and fill in a port number for the Additional FTP NAT port option. The screenshot below is using port 6000:


6) Click Apply and Save the changes.

7) Navigate to Configuration – Network > IP Routing/Forwarding > IP Port Forwarding/Static NAT Mappings.

NOTE: Use the below screenshot as a reference for steps 8-10


8) Add the port that was set on step 2 to the External Min Port and External Max Port fields. This example uses port 6000.

9) Add the IP address of the FTP Server in the Forward to Internal IP Address field. This example will use as the FTP Server IP address.

10) Add the port the FTP server listens in on for the Forward to Internal Port field. This example will use port 6000.

11) Apply and Save the changes.
Last updated: Jan 12, 2024

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