DIN Rail Mount Solution for Digi

Kits are available for retrofitting radios for field installations. The PKG-DINRAIL-KIT modular interface will support wall or chassis mounting. DIN rail, or sometimes referred to as top-hat rail is a standardized metal rail with a hat-shaped cross section, most commonly used for mounting industrial control equipment on equipment racks. There are many different DIN standard sizes. The PKG-DINRAIL-KIT fits both NS35 (7.5mm and 15mm depths) and NS32 DIN rails.


The DIN Rail Mounting Bracket Kit makes it simple to attach most Digi stand-alone RF modems to a standard DIN rail. The DIN rail mounting bracket kit is compatible with the XTend, XStream, XCite, and the XBee stand-alone RF modems that feature RS-232,485, USB or Ethernet connections. The adaptability of the mounting bracket allows users to attach the RF modem in a variety of configurations on the DIN rail. The kit includes the mounting bracket, two rail clips and all the necessary connection hardware.
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Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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