Does the AnywhereUSB device support USB port sharing or multiple connections

This KB article is only applicable to the following model AnywhereUSBs that offer the Multi-Host Connections (MHC) feature:
  • AnywhereUSB/14 (P/N AW-USB-14)
  • AnywhereUSB/5M (P/N AW-USB-5M) 
It is not possible for multiple host computers to "share" attached USB devices (attached to the AnywhereUSB), i.e. not possible for more than one host computer to use any of the same attached USB devices at the same time.

The MHC feature allows different attached USB devices to be usable by different host computers, at the same time.

If an attached USB device needs to be used by more than one host computer, they must "take turns" connecting, i.e. the host computer that's currently connected must first Disconnect from the AnywhereUSB before any other host computer can Connect.


Host computer A and host computer B both need to use a USB license dongle that's attached to an AnywhereUSB/14.  This USB dongle is physically attached to USB port 1 of the AnywhereUSB.  Within the AnywhereUSB configuration, Group 1 is associated with USB Port 1, meaning that a host computer must connect to Group 1 in order to use this USB dongle.

If host computer A is connected to Group 1, then it has exclusive access to that USB port and attached USB device, in this case, the USB dongle.  Host computer B cannot connect to Group 1 (USB port 1, which has the USB dongle attached) at this point in time.  In order for host computer B to use the USB dongle, host computer A must Disconnect from the AnywhereUSB.  The Disconnect MUST be initiated from host computer A.  It's not possible for host computer B to forcefully disconnect host computer A, and it's also not possible to forcefully disconnect host computer A from the AnywhereUSB (from the AnywhereUSB web interface, CLI, etc.).

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Last updated: Apr 25, 2019

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