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Is an Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation EDS (electronic data sheet) file required for a Digi product (specifically a Digi One IA RealPort)?


For Example, a MicroLogix PLC typically talks DF1 full-duplex CRC at 19200 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.  
If any of these parameters are incorrect, RSLinx will report an error (usually by showing an red X through the device''''s icon). 

If an EDS file is required for the Digi One IA RealPort, one is available.  

    dorpia.ico (the icon file). 
    NOTE: The contents of DigiOne_IA_RP.eds are listed below.
  1. Place the two files in a temporary folder (i.e. C:\temp).
  2. Install the EDS file for use with RSLinx:
    1. Start -> Programs -> Software -> RSLinx Tools -> EDS Hardware Installation Tool
    2. Select Add.
    3. Select Register a Single File.  Browse to the folder where you downloaded the files.  Select DigiOne_IA_RP.eds.
    4. Select Next.
    5. Follow the prompts until finished.
  3. The Digi One IA RealPort should now be available to RSLinx.

www.ab.com.  If you need help with a Digi product, contact Digi tech support at http://support.digi.com or 952-912-3456.

Contents of DigiOne_IA_RP.eds: 


     CreateDate = 07-27-2002;

     CreateTime = 08:00:00;

     Revision = 1.0;


     VendCode = 805;

     ProdType = 12;

     ProdCode= 99;

     MajRev = 1;

     MinRev = 0;

Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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