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Is an Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation EDS (electronic data sheet) file required for a Digi product (specifically a Digi One IA RealPort)?


No, at least not in most cases.  When adding a driver for a Digi One IA RealPort in RSLinx, choose "Ethernet Devices" for the driver type.  It will show up as "AB_ETH-n", where n is a number.  Enter the Digi''''s IP address under station 0 and the Digi One IA RealPort will then convert Ethernet to DF-1.

 If RSLinx cannot "see" the device attached to the Digi IA RealPort''''s serial port, make sure you have the correct serial port communication parameters.  
For Example, a MicroLogix PLC typically talks DF1 full-duplex CRC at 19200 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.  
If any of these parameters are incorrect, RSLinx will report an error (usually by showing an red X through the device''''s icon). 

If an EDS file is required for the Digi One IA RealPort, one is available.  

  1. Download the files DigiOne_IA_RP.eds and dorpia.ico (the icon file). 
    NOTE: The contents of DigiOne_IA_RP.eds are listed below.
  2. Place the two files in a temporary folder (i.e. C:\temp).
  3. Install the EDS file for use with RSLinx:
    1. Start -> Programs -> Software -> RSLinx Tools -> EDS Hardware Installation Tool
    2. Select Add.
    3. Select Register a Single File.  Browse to the folder where you downloaded the files.  Select DigiOne_IA_RP.eds.
    4. Select Next.
    5. Follow the prompts until finished.
  4. The Digi One IA RealPort should now be available to RSLinx.

 If you need additional assistance on EDS files, please refer to Allen-Bradley support at www.ab.com.  If you need help with a Digi product, contact Digi tech support at http://support.digi.com or 952-912-3456.

Contents of DigiOne_IA_RP.eds: 


     DescText = "DIGI-IA Ethernet/IP to DF1 Bridge";

     CreateDate = 07-27-2002;

     CreateTime = 08:00:00;

     Revision = 1.0;


     VendCode = 805;

     VendName = "www.digi.com";

     ProdType = 12;

     ProdTypeStr = "Communications Adaptor";

     ProdCode= 99;

     MajRev = 1;

     MinRev = 0;

     ProdName = "DIGI-IA";

     Catalog = "DigiOneIA-RP";

     Icon = "dorpia.ico";

Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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