Error codes seen with data push from device to Device Cloud? idigid protocol error code list


Digi RF Gateways and devices which use the edp protocol to "push" data to Device Cloud can sometimes encounter errors pushing that data, if Device Cloud isn't available at the time due to Maintenance Update or the occasional outage.  During these time periods, edp protocol errors can sometimes be seen, as the Device Cloud basically tells the device that it isn't available for that device to send data currently.


Applications which may receive the error:

Applications which use the `idigidata.send_to_idigi` Python API internally.  Examples:  Smart Energy Framework, Dia, applications which talk to Device Cloud using Module: idigidata

Protocol Error Code List:

0.  MSG_ERR_NONE = 0x00,             // Success
1.  MSG_ERR_FATAL,                   // Unspecified error
2.  MSG_ERR_PROTOCOL_SEQUENCE,       // Protocol sequencing error
3.  MSG_ERR_MESSAGE_FORMAT,          // Message format error
4.  MSG_ERR_TRANSACTION,             // Transaction ID in use
5.  MSG_ERR_NO_TRANSACTION,          // Unknown transaction ID
6.  MSG_ERR_COMPRESSION_FAILURE,     // Compression failure
7.  MSG_ERR_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE,   // Decompression failure
8.  MSG_ERR_MEMORY,                  // Memory allocation error
9.  MSG_ERR_SEND,                    // Message transmission error
10. MSG_ERR_CANCEL,                  // Message transmission cancelled
11. MSG_ERR_WOULDBLOCK,              // Flow controlled
12. MSG_ERR_ACK,                     // Error waiting for acknowledgement
13. MSG_ERR_TIMEOUT,                 // Timeout waiting for response
14. MSG_ERR_NOT_HANDLED,             // No service to process message

Additional Reading:

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Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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