Example: Device Cloud API to Change the Device Cloud Name and Primary Time Server on XBee Gateways (formerly ConnectPort X2e)

Example: Device Cloud API to Change the Device Cloud Name and Primary Time Server on XBee Gateways (formerly ConnectPort X2e)

The following example shows how to send an API from Digi's Device Cloud to change the Device Cloud name and SNTP time servers on devices connected to the Device Cloud.

Login to your Device Cloud account and select Documentation > API Explorer.  

Select the target gateways by clicking on the SCI Targets button.  From the drop down, select each gateway followed by Add.  Click OK when finished selecting gateways:

User-added image

Next, click on the Examples menu and select SCI > RCI > Set device setting:

User-added image

Paste in the following to configure the current valid time server and Device Cloud name in between the <set_setting> and </set_setting> fields:


For example:

User-added image

Click Send to send the command to the selected targets.

To confirm the settings applied without errors, click on the POST /ws/sci entry on the right under Web Services Responses. You should see a response similar to the following indicating success:

User-added image
Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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