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"Garbage" on the screen instead of expected Login prompt in Solaris


B>Terminal initially receives login and works fine until the terminal is powered off and turned back on, then either the login won't appear or garbage characters will display on the screen. User has to reboot or disable/re-enable.


In Solaris when the terminal is turned off/on the port gets auto-bauded.


To fix edit the /etc/ttydefs file, go to the entry referred to by the ports ttylabel. To know the ttylabel of a port run:

# sysadm
Select: Ports --> Port Services --> Modify

Change the last parameter so that it is the same as the initial ttylabel entry.

For example:

In sysadm the port''''s ttylabel entry is 19200NP, in the ttydefs file the entry will look like:

19200NP:19200 opost onlcr cread hupcl - ::9600NP

Change the final entry ::9600NP to ::19200NP

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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