Getting a MC7354 Module on a Digi TransPort to Work with Sprint

There are a few things that should be done to get a TransPort, with a MC7354 module, working with Sprint.  Please see below:
1) You will first need to get the Sprint profile files loaded onto the cellular radio in the device.  This will require the use of a USB flash drive and some files that can be downloaded from our website.  Please see below for the file download location and the instructions on changing the radio into Sprint mode:
Sprint Files:
Make sure to download both the ‘sprint.cwe’ and ‘sprint.nvu’ files from the download page.
2)  After the carrier has been changed to Sprint, depending on the SIM card you may or may not need to fill in an APN for the SIM to connect to Sprint’s network.  If you were not given an APN, I would suggest letting the device attempt to connect to Sprint on its own.  If you are not seeing a Mobile IP address being assigned to the device after ~10 minutes, you may need to contact Sprint and ask if there is a specific APN that you should be using to connect.  If they provide you with an APN, log into the WebUI of the TransPort and navigate to Configuration – Network > Interfaces > Mobile, and fill in the APN under the Mobile Settings section.
If still having connection issues after going through the above items, please capture a new ‘debug.txt’ file from the router for us to review, and we will continue to help troubleshoot this issue
Last updated: Feb 27, 2019

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