How to reset the Health Metric Status in Remote Manager

Reset the status of Health Metric on Digi Remote Manager can be useful in some scenario,  for example when the state is stuck to a state that is not proprely reflecting the current status of the device.  
When a metric, that previosuly triggered an ERROR/WARNING status, is then reported again but with a value belonging to the accepted range, this new value will reset the alarm automatically and so the health status will be set back to NORMAL.
Instead, if a metric that triggered an ERROR/WARNING status, is NOT reported any more for some reason , this can cause the health status to stuck in the ERROR/WARNING state without any actual reason (Example: a device that connects just once to a 3G network and reports a bad value for one of the 3G metrics, but then always connect to 4G only so will report 3G stats anymore, will keep the ERROR status, but this doesn't reflect the actual "health" of the device).

In such cases, the health status can be reset following the steps below:

- Consider a device (WR64 in this example) that has a certain Health Metric status (ERROR):

- In the main Dashboard, click on the "Device Type" on the left and chose the correct one, click on settings symbol: 

- all available metrics for this model will be shown, each with ERROR-WARNING-NORMAL thresholds. Edit/disable/enable at least one, clicking on EDIT, do the change, and then SAVE:

- Go UP to the list and exit clicking the X, this will save all the changes.

- Now the status is reset and the new status will be set as "unknown" until new metrics will be reported from the device (so usually 1 hour):

NB: the Health Status will be reset for ALL devices belonging to the Device Type edited.

Last updated: Jan 15, 2020

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