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How can I automate flushing the arp table of a Digi One or Portserver TS product using Expect?

Read the following article to find out where you can get Expect:

HOW TO: Perform Automated Tasks on Digi device and Terminal Server Products Automatically Without User Intervention

Then create the following script:

# Run the expect interpreter.
# save this file as expect_flusharp
# and chmod +x expect_flusharp
# and put it somewhere in your path
# the command line syntax for this program is
# expect_flusharp ip.of.port.server
# this program flushes the arp buffer on a portserver
# which can be helpful in constructing a failover scenario
# for allowing an second server to gain access to the
# ports which where previously controlled by a first server
# when both servers share the same IP address and the second one
# is coming in  as a failover server

#Set up line argument for the enterd ip address.
set ip [lindex $argv 0]

# Set the telnet_out variable to octal equivalent of ^]
set telnet_out \035

# Telnet to the appropriate IP address.
spawn telnet $ip

expect "login: "
send "root\r"

expect "password: "
send "dbps\r"

expect "#> "
send "set arp rmarp=on *\r"

expect "#> "
send $telnet_out

set timeout -1

expect "telnet> "
send "quit\r"

Last updated: May 15, 2019

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