How do I send a break from a telnet session?

To send a break to a serially attached device, you will telnet to the PortServer/Digi One device port:

telnet (IP_of_Digi_unit) 2001

Where 2001 represents the port number 1, use 2016 for port 16, etc...

Once connected issue  <CTRL> ]  (to escape to the telnet command mode). Type send brk [enter] to send the break. On Sun systems, this will take you to the "ok" prompt.

When using telnet to connect to the Digi unit and then to the host system, your telnet escape will be activated on the first telnet (to the Digi unit). In these cases, we recommend using rlogin to connect to the Digi unit, then telnet to the host system or use the Digi connect command that allows you to change the escape sequence.

Last updated: May 15, 2019

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