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How do I test to see if a SIM slot is bad in a Digi Transport via CLI commands

With the router powered off, insert a SIM card into BOTH SIM slots of the Digi Transport and open the CLI interface.
Access to the CLI (Command Line Interface) – this can be achieved:

  • Through the serial port @115200 bps
  • Via a telnet or SSH connection
  • Via the “execute a command” page of the web user interface.

Issue the following command:

simconn ?


This command tells you which SIM slots are populated and also the SIM that is currently in use. The value before the comma is SIM 1 and the value after the comma is SIM 2. 1000 means that the SIM is present. 1001 means that the SIM is present and the active SIM. Here is a summary:
1 = SIM not present
1000 = SIM present

1001 = SIM present and connected
The output should be as follows:
Text Box: simconn  ? simconn: 1001,1000 OK
Showing that SIM 1 is present and active and SIM 2 is present.
If the SIM cards are physically inserted but do not show as present please request an RMA with reason “SIM DETECTION FAIL


Last updated: Mar 04, 2019

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