How do I update firmware on Digi ConnectPort TS using the web interface

The Digi ConnectPort TS can have the firmware installed using the web interface.  
Install the 
ConnectPort TS firmware and the ConnectPort TS must be rebooted to complete the firmware update.
Download the firmware below and save in a folder on the host computer.

Digi ConnectPort TS 82001474_J.bin Firmware:

Digi ConnectPort TS   Update Firmware web interface section:
Installing the Digi ConnectPort TS 82001474_J.bin  firmware:

1.   Open the web interface of the Digi ConnectPort LT
2.   Click the Update Firmware option
3.   Click the Update item and select Firmware
4.   Click Choose File and select the 82001474_J.bin  file downloaded

User-added image

5.   Click the Update button

6.   When completed, reboot the Digi ConnectPort TS

Last updated: Jun 05, 2019

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