How to access TransPort router SNMP stats without SNMP software

To view a list of MIB values (such as byte counters) for a TransPort router, execute this command from the CLI (Serial, telnet or SSH):
this will output a very long list. If the buffer in your terminal emulator is configured large enough, then you can scroll back through the output to search for the counter required.

For example, to view the Tx bytes (transmitted) via  PPP 1, the MIB value to check is:

By executing the CLI command:

The output of this command displays:
.txbytes = 4755
So in this example 4755 bytes have been transmitted on this PPP interface.

To reset a value to zero, the at\mibclr command is used. 
For example, to reset the PPP 1 Tx byte counter:

To view values for other PPP interfaces, simply replace the interface number in the CLI command.  For example, to view the PPP 2 Tx byte counter:

Other useful traffic counters are (replace x with the interface number required):
ppp.x.stats.txbytes            # PPP Tx Bytes
ppp.x.stats.rxbytes            # PPP Rx Bytes
ppp.x.dlim.totdata              # PPP total Tx & Rx Bytes
ppp.x.uptime.curmins          # PPP uptime in minutes

eth.x.stats.txbytes              # ETH Tx Bytes 
eth.x.stats.rxbytes              # ETH Rx Bytes

tun.x.stats.tx_bytes            # GRE TUN Tx Bytes
tun.x.stats.rx_bytes            # GRE TUN Rx Bytes
tun.x.stats.ka_sent              # GRE TUN number of Tx Keep-alives
tun.x.stats.ka_rcvd              # GRE TUN number of Rx Keep-alives

All of these values can be reset to zero by using the at\mibclr command as described above.

It is not possible to set values using these commands, the only functions allowed are read and clear.

BG 3/10/14

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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