How to change TCP and UDP Socket port number on PortServer TS and Digi One

TCP and UDP Socket port numbers are based on the "Base Socket" number, so, in order to change TCP and/or UDP Socket port numbers, the Base Socket number must be changed.

Within the Web UI of the unit, navigate to Configuration / Network / Advanced Network Settings.  The Base Socket is listed in a field in the Network Service Settings section at the bottom and may be changed, to change the Telnet and Raw TCP/UDP port numbers.

The default Base Socket number is 2000.  Because of that, the default Telnet TCP Port is 2001 (Base Socket + 1) and the default Raw TCP Port is 2101 (Base Socket + 101).

If you want a certain TCP/UDP port number to be used for the Telnet or Raw port, for example port 1000, follow these rules:

For Telnet:  Subtract 1.  So, use Port 999 as the Base Socket.
For Raw:  Subtract 101.  So, use Port 899 as the Base Socket.

Last updated: May 15, 2019

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