HOW TO: Change the IP address of an already-installed RealPort product in the Linux RealPort driver file


This solution comes in handy if you're migrating already installed Digi Terminal or Device Servers such as the PortServer TS line, PortServer II, Digi One, or EtherLite to a new network.

An Example:

A Portserver TS 16 at IP is being migrated to a new network where its IP address will become The RealPort driver is already installed and running on the Linux server which communicates with the PortServer TS 16.
Note:  A route to the new network where the PortServer TS 16 from the Linux server must exist for RealPort to successfully create the RealPort serial devices.

In order to change the driver so that the PortServer TS 16 will work on the new network, all you have to do is edit the file /etc/ on the Linux server.

1. Stop the currently running RealPort driver
# /etc/init.d/dgrp_daemon stop

2. Edit the /etc/dgrp_backing_store file
# vi /etc/dgrp_backing_store


ID  IP  PortCount  SpeedString  IPPort  Mode  Owner  Group  Encrypt  Encryptport


Here is what our actual entry might look like:

rp  16  auto  default  default  default  default  never  default

Since all we want to do is change the IP address, change the IP field to

3. Save and close the file.

4. Re-start the RealPort driver, which should now be connecting with the PortServer TS 16 at the new IP address:

# /etc/init.d/dgrp_daemon start

Your devices should now be useable with the PortServer TS 16 at its new IP address.

Note: Any of the fields in can be changed. For instance, if you were swapping the PortServer TS 16 out with a PortServer TS 8, you would change the PortCount field from 16 to 8 rather than changing the IP field like in the previous example.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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