How to Check Firmware and Smart Energy Framework Versions on the ConnecPort © X2 SE and ERT Gateway/Bridge Products

To check the EOS (NDS) firmware version from the command line of the unit, telnet or SSH to the unit and issue the following command:

display version

The "Running EOS" value will indicate the current EOS (NDS) firmware version running on the gateway

To check the XBee © modem firmware (ConnectPort © models only), issue the following command:

display xbee

The "Gateway firmware" field shows the firmware being used on the XBee © modem inside the ConnectPort © X2 SE unit

Checking the SE Framework version requires a Digi Device Cloud account. Login to your account on, select the Debug Console option. On the menu to the left, select RPC_General_Interface and choose the get_version option. Click the Execute tab to run the command. The SE Framework version will be returned in the Received_get_version_response message and will be contained in the version type string. For example:

version type="string" 1.4.0 /version

Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

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