HOW TO: Configure and Use a Basic Menu With Digi One/PortServer Products

By adding and configuring a specific user (other than root), a menu can be assigned allowing user easy access to ports or servers. The menu can be configured for outbound network users and/or inbound remote users (modem dialin). Exiting the connection or using the telnet escape sequence will return you to the menu.

From the root prompt of the Digi unit:

#> set menu range=1 t1="firstlineoftitle" t2="secondlineoftitle"
#> set menu range=1 m1="Connect to AIX" c1="telnet"
#> set menu range=1 m2="Connect to Linux" c2="telnet" 
#> set menu range=1 m3="Reconnect to last session" c3="reconnect"
#> set menu range=1 m4="Close last session" c4="close"

Next, create the user for the menu and specify a telnet escape character. Issuing the escape character along with a carriage return [CR] will break your session and bring you back to the menu. In this example [Ctrl]- j will break out of your session

#>set user name=manager defaultaccess=menu menu=1
#>set user name=manager telnetesc=^j outgoing=on

Using this method, only the last connection will remain open for reconnecting. Selecting the "close" menu option will close the last connection. Selecting reconnect, will reestablish the last connection.

Last updated: May 20, 2019

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