HOW TO: Configure Data Overage Alarms on Digi TransPort for the PPP Interface

Configure PPP Interface Limits:

From the Web Interface go to: Configuration - Network > Interfaces > Advanced > PPP 0 - 9 > PPP 1  > Advanced

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* Check "Limit the data transmitted over the interface

* Enter a value for "issue a warning event after x KBytes/MBytes/GBytes"

* Enter a value for "Reset the data limit on the x day of the month" (to tie in with your carrier's billing date) 

Click Apply 

Configure Event Logcodes:

Navigate to "Configuration - Alarms > Event Logcodes" 

* Click on "Event: %e %a Data Limit Reached":

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* Set Alarm priority to a value such as "5" 

* Click Apply 

* Click on the "Save All Event Code Changes" button 

Logging and Notification:

Next, you will choose which type of alarm alert you need.  The following are possible:
  • SMS 
  • Email 
  • SNMP 
  • Syslog 
In this example, we are configuring email notification.  Other methods can be found in the Digi TransPort User Guide.

Event Handler:

The event handler will log an event with a trigger priority equal to or lower than the trigger level specified in Configuration - Alarms > Event Settings

The “Only log events with a log priority of at least” is normally 0 to log all events.  In this example, it is being set to 5:

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* For email notification, check "Send email notifications" and fill in the Email To and Email From fields.
* E-Mail template – event.eml: This file is included in the .web file, but additional templates can be created and stored in flash memory
* E-Mail Trigger Priority – Any event with a priority of 5 or lower would cause this e-mail to be sent.

11) Apply the configuration 

SMTP Configuration:

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Once configured, the unit should be rebooted to restart the PPP link.
Last updated: Mar 14, 2019

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