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HOW TO: Configure Port Forwarding with Digi TransPort Routers


1)  Log into the WebUI, and navigate to Configuration – Network > IP Routing/Forwarding > IP Port Forwarding/Static NAT Mappings.
NOTE:  Use the below screenshot as a reference for steps 2-5
User-added image
2)  Fill in the Minimum and Maximum TCP/UDP ports the TransPort should listen on.  These can be the same port if only 1 port is being passed through, or a range of multiple ports if those are needed to pass through.
3)  Fill in the IP address of the LAN device the connection needs to get to.
4)  Fill in the TCP/UDP port of the LAN device the connection needs to get to.  Click Add when finished.
5)  Click Apply and Save the settings.
NOTE:  A reboot may be necessary at this point in time for the rules to take effect.

6)  Navigate to Configuration – Network > Interfaces > Mobile.
7)  Expand Mobile Settings, and change the NAT option to IP address and Port as shown in the screenshot below:

User-added image

8)  Click Apply and Save the changes.
Last updated: Mar 14, 2019

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