HOW TO: Device Cloud: Add Data To A Data Stream

In this example, we will add data to a Data Stream associated with a device ID. We will be using the following web services interface:

  • /ws/v1/streams/history

Add Multiple Data Points to a Stream

This scenario is built on top of the example to query data form a device. We will take the data returned for the <system> tag from the device in that example and insert that data to a stream containing the ID of the associated device. 

  1. We will begin with the response from the <query_setting> request in the referenced example since we will use that data for this example

    SCI response for RCI <query_setting> request
    <sci_reply version="1.0">
        <device id="00000000-00000000-00409DFF-FF000000">
          <rci_reply version="1.1">
                <description>My DIA Demo</description>
  2. Now, take the device ID, <contact> and <description> fields and use that data to construct new content to POST to the /ws/v1/streams/history interface

    POST content for /ws/v1/streams/history request (JSON format)
       "value""My DIA Demo"

    Note: That example uses JSON. You may also use XML syntax

    POST content for /ws/v1/streams/history request (XML format)
        <value>My DIA Demo</value>
  3. Now you can see your new streams in the Data Services section of the UI, or access them using web services (including push monitors)
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Last updated: Mar 25, 2019

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