How to disable the TransPort Getting Started Wizard

In order to disable the "Getting Started Wizard" that may keep appearing on the landing page of a TransPort's web interface, please follow the steps below.

1. Open the TransPort's web interface.
2. Click the "SKIP WIZARD" button.
3. Input the appropriate username / password (the default is username / password) then click the "LOG IN" button.
4. Navigate to Administration - Execute a command.
5. In the Command field, input the CLI command just below, click the "Execute" button, then ensure the "Command result" is "OK".

web 0 showgswiz off

6. Navigate to Administration - Save configuration.
7. Click the "Save All" button.
8. Reboot the TransPort (Administration - Reboot).
9. Confirm the Getting Started Wizard no longer runs.  You should be presented with the standard Login page (like in step 3 above).

Last updated: Mar 04, 2019

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