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How to enable a Terminal or Modem in Solaris

Command to enable a terminal in Solaris
pmadm -a -p zsmon -s a001s -fu -i root -v `ttyadm -V` 

     -m "`ttyadm -d /dev/dty/a001s -l 9600 -s /usr/bin/login`"

  • zsmon - is the port monitor tag -- use a different one if appropriate.
  • a001s - is the name of the port. Refer to your Digi manual for your device names.
  • -l 9600 - sets the port for a baud rate of 9600.
The above command will enable the port for 9600 8,1,N. Consult your documentation if you wish to change these parameters.

For a Modem:

 pmadm -a -p zsmon -s a001m -fu -i root -v `ttyadm -V` 

     -m "`ttyadm -d /dev/dty/a001m -l 9600 -s /usr/bin/login -b -r 1 `"

And then tip the /dev/dty/a001s device.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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