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How to Enable GPS on a Digi TransPort WR21 with the MC7354 module

NOTE: This article only applies to Digi TransPort WR21 models fitted with the MC7354 cellular module, and a SMA GPS antenna connector populated on the device. Firmware revision or higher is also needed for this function to work.

1) Open a Telnet or SSH session to the command line of the Digi Transport.
2) Issue the following commands at the CLI:

cmd x gpson on (where x is the modemcc 0 info_asy_add port; on a WR21 it should be 4)
gps 0 gpson on
gps 0 init_str $GPS_START

gps 0 asy_add x (where x is the modemcc 0 info_asy_add port)

3) To verify that the configuration is working, log into the Web Interface and navigate to Management - Position > GPS.  The GPS coordinates should be displayed, as shown in the screenshot below:

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Last updated: Mar 04, 2019

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