How to Export XML Settings from a Device on Digi Remote Manager 3.0 using API

With Digi Remote Manager® 3.0 (Digi RM), in order to obtain an XML file with all (the settings of a device), the API Explorer method can be used following the steps below (the result will be equivalent to the XML Export device properties function of Classic Digi RM):

1) On the main manu at the left of Digi RM 3.0, click on API Explorer, then Click on Examples > SCI >RCI > Query Device Settings


2) In the request Body field, change the device id with the one of the device from which download the settings 



3) Click on Send (up right) --> In the response Body field, the reply will contain the full XML settings document content. 


4) Select all the response content and copy/paste to a text editor. Then, "Save As" the file, selecting the xml format. 



Last updated: Aug 21, 2020

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