HOW TO: Install XCTU in Linux


Download the latest .run image for your specific architecture from Digi's web site:
As a non-root user, run an XWindows Desktop terminal session or an xterm session.  Please ensure the target installation directory has the ownership and/or group of the user installing and running the application (i.e.:  chown user_name:group_name /opt/Digi).

Change the permissions on the .run file to make it executable:

chmod a+x

Execute the image:


Accept the License agreement:

User-added image

Select the installation directory:

User-added image


To execute the XCTU application, run the app executable from an XWindows/xterm session.  Example from the default installation directory:


To uninstall the application, run the uninstall script from the directory where it was installed.  Example from the default directory:


Follow the prompts.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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