How to orient the MMCX connector in a different direction

Digi's XStream and XCite radio modems are available with an MMCX connector oriented facing directly out of the plane of the board. The pads for additional orientations are on the circuit board, however Digi does not offer the module with any other orientation.

Some customers have wanted other orientations and have modified the connector themselves to meet their mechanical constraints.

Note that any soldering or modification of the radio modem after it leaves Digi will void the warranty. Although this information is provided by Digi, it should be considered "use at your own risk."

To install an MMCX connector with some other orientation:

  1. Remember that this procedure will void Digi's warranty for your product.
  2. Order an XStream/XCite radio with a Wire antenna.
  3. Desolder and remove the wire antenna.
  4. Order an MMCX connector from Huber Suhner, p/n: 90 MMCX-S50-0-55 / 119 OH
  5. Solder Huber Suhner connect in one of three supported orientations
    • Perpendicular to the plane of the board (same as the factory orientation).
    • Toward the centerline of the board.
    • Toward the end of the RF connector tab.
Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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