HOW TO: Printer configuration with AIX RealPort


The AIX server:

# smit printer

Select the following menu items:


Printer/Plotter Devices

Add Printer/Plotter

osp Other serial printer


Select appropriate sa device

Fill in the options to match the printer settings:


PORT number [16] <-Actual port number on Portserver
BAUD rate [9600] <-Baud rate the printer is set for
PARITY [none] <-Parity the printer is set for
BITS per character [8] <-Character bits the printer is set for
Number of STOP BITS [1] <-Stop bits the printer is set for
FLOW CONTROL to be used [rts] <-Flow control printer is set for

Fill in the appropriate entries then press [Enter] to save.

On the Digi Portserver, or Digi One device:

Telnet to the portserver from your host, login as root:

#> set port dev=prn ra=##
#> set flow ra=## altpin=on                                 <- 
[for those ports using 8 wire RJ45 cable]

*Note: ''##'' represents the actual port number(s). For a range of ports, use the following format: ra=1-16 (one through sixteen). For individual ports use the following format: ra=1,5,9 (port one, five and nine).

Printer not printing:

If you cannot print to the printer, it may mean that the DCD signal is not cabled properly try the following command from the AIX prompt:

# chdev -l lp# -a forcedcd=enable

Last updated: Jun 21, 2019

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