How to program kernel 3.10 images to ConnectCard Wi-i.MX28

Digi Embedded Yocto 1.4 build Linux kernel 3.10 has device tree support and needs updated U-Boot 2013 to boot it.
Factory programmed ConnectCore/Card i.MX modules might still have an older U-Boot 2009 pre programmed and should be updated to newer U-Boot 2013.

Example to boot from flash the ConnectCard i.MX28 Yocto 1.4 kernel 3.10 images from:

Stop the U-Boot autoboot process on the serial console at 115200 8N1 and run:
# update uboot tftp
# reset
# saveenv

After reset the module should reboot the new 2013 U-Boot and you will see a message about invalid NVRAM, as the new U-Boot uses more space for NVRAM. To get NVRAM settings migrated you have to run saveenv. As next step create flash partitions for Linux with flattened device tree (FDT) support:
# flpart
then press  “r”eset “l”inux 
“q”uit “s”ave (or yes)

Now you may program the device tree file, linux kernel image and root file system image into flash:
# update fdt tftp uImage--3.10-dey.r0.0-imx28-ccardimx28js-20131219064429.dtb
# update linux tftp uImage--3.10-dey.r0.0-ccardimx28js-20131219064429.bin
# update rootfs tftp dey-image-graphical-ccardimx28js-20131219064429.128.rootfs.ubifs

and prepare the module to autoboot Linux from flash:
# setenv bootcmd dboot linux flash;saveenv
# boot
Last updated: Jun 06, 2019

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