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How to Run An Industrial Automation Trace on A Digi Device or Terminal Server Using PuTTY

This article is meant as a step-by-step guide for procuring an Industrial Automation trace on your Digi device or terminal server using the PuTTY telnet client. This will often be one of the pieces of information Tech Support will ask for when trouble shooting your IA problem.

The first step to starting an IA trace is to telnet into your Digi device or terminal server. If you don't have PuTTY already on your system you'll need to download it.

Initial PuTTY screen:

Then you need to set up logging—on the left side, select Logging under where it says Session, make sure you select the All session output radio button. You can rename the file (it’s a text file) or just go with the defaults. Click browse to save it to somewhere useful where you can find it again.

Login screen:

Then type “show ia all” WITHOUT QUOTES to get the ia config (which is useful when reading the trace, to know what is supposed to be going where):

Then type “set trace state=on mode=concurrent mask=ia:i+w+d” again WITHOUT QUOTES:

If your master isn’t already actively polling, set it to polling. You’ll get a stream of output that will look something like this:

Run the trace for however long Technical Support asked you to let it run. Use Ctrl-C to stop it. Then send the resulting log file and anything else Tech Support asked for to Technical Support at Generally you can just reply to the e-mail and it will go straight into your support case.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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