HOW TO: Send an AT command to an XBee from a CP-X2 or CP-X4 commandline via Telnet/SSH or Remote Manager UI


This article discusses how to send an AT command from the CommandLine Interface (CLI) of a ConnectPort X2 or X4 Gateway, from either Telnet/SSH or via Remote Manager (assuming the Gateway is provisioned there).

Note:  This article requires that the CP-X2 or X4 Gateway is using OS firmware version or later.


Sending an AT command from the Gateway's CommandLine Interface (CLI) via Telnet or SSH

1. Use Telnet or SSH to access the CommandLine Interface (CLI) prompt of your Gateway (#>)
2. If sending an AT command meant for the XBee which is embedded in your CP-X2 or CP-X4 Gateway, use the following command format:
set xbee CC=[param]

Where CC = the XBee AT command (in caps) - example:  SO
And [param] is the value of the AT command you want to set

3.  If sending an AT command meant for an XBee module which is a member of the RF network which the Gateway's embedded XBee module is a part of, the addr=[XBee EUI-64 address of module] option would be added to the CLI command syntax as follows:
] is the extended address of the XBee module the AT command is for.


Sending an AT command from the Gateway's CommandLine Interface (CLI) via Device Cloud device UI

Additional Reading:

The AT commands to be used with the XBee embedded within a Gateway or the XBee Network which the Gateway's module is a member of can be found on the Digi Technical Support website under the appropriate XBee type for the Gateway.
Last updated: Apr 02, 2019

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