How to set a Portserver TS or Digi One for low latency or throughput mode

What is the optimization setting used for on the Digi Terminal and Device server products?

Optimization - This field determines how much bandwidth is used on the network.

The available options:

Latency - Allows fast access to time-sensitive devices. More network bandwidth is required due to increased polling activity however.

Throughput - Allows better network performance at higher throughput through data buffering.


Digi One IA, SP, and IAP devices ship in Optimization Latency mode by default, Digi TS units ship with Throughput mode as the default.  Choose the optimization that is correct for your application, and click apply.

Or, to do this from the command line, telnet to the Digi...

login: root
password: dbps

#> set conf optimization=latency
#> exit

Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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