How to Test the Serial Ports on a Digi TransPort

Testing the Serial Ports

Items needed:

1. Serial Cable (straight through) - Typically a DB9 cable for most models
2. FlashWriter Utility:
3. FlashWriter Instructions:
4. PC with serial port or USB-to-serial adapter


1)  With the PCs serial port connected to “Serial 0” of the TransPort,  launch the FlashWriter utility.

2)  Ensure that the correct PC COM port number is selected (typically COM 1 if using a built-in port), and click on “Check Serial” from the Advanced menu of FlashWriter.

3)  Click on the OK button when the following prompt is received:


NOTE:  If testing a different serial port on the TransPort other than 0, ensure to change the port number within FlashWriter to test the other port.

4)  The following message should occur if successful:

Last updated: Feb 27, 2019

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