How to update firmware in modules

Follow these instructions for updating the firmware in Digi RF radio modems:

Note: XStream radio modems with firmware versions 4.28D and higher are field-upgradeable. XCite modems with firmware versions that end in B and higher are field-upgradeable, XTend radios with firmware greater than 120 are upgradeable, all XBee radio are upgradeable.

  1. Install new (XCTU) X-CTU software at
  2. When installation completes, launch software using X-CTU shortcut on desktop.
  3. Use Digi interface board to connect module to computer Com port.
  4. On PC Settings tab of software, select computer comm. port and correct baud rate. (X__-009 modules use 9600 bps by default, X__-019=19200 bps and X__-038=38400 bps, the XTend and XBee radio will both default at 9600.)
  5. Select Modem Configuration tab and click Read" parameters button.
  6. Verify module type in list boxes at top of screen, e.g. Module: X09-009, Function Set: Hopping, Version: 429D
  7. To load new code select a new version from the version drop down box.
  8. Click Write" parameters button to write new firmware to the radio module.

New firmware versions will be distributed using the Download New Versions button located under the Modem Configuration tab, or can be requested from Digi support.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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