How to update firmware in modules

Follow these instructions for updating the firmware in Digi RF radio modems:

  1. Install latest version of XCTU on your system. Its installer can be download for free from here:
  2. When installation completes, launch software using X-CTU shortcut on desktop.
  3. Use Digi interface board to connect module to computer's COM port.
  4. Add module to XCTU by clicking the Discover radio modules button   from tool bar.
  5. Select radio module from device list and click now highlighted Update firmware button Update firmware button. This will open a pop up dialog box and show current available firmware versions which are compatible with module.
  6. Select appropriate 'Product family' followed by 'Function Set' and 'Firmware Version' that you wish to load on module.
  7. Click Update button to start firmware update process.

New firmware versions can be downloaded in XCTU by going to Help tab and selecting Update Radio Firmware Library option.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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