How to updgrade a radios firmware using XCTU-NG

This article will describe the process in which one upgrades the firmware on an existing Digi RF radio product such as the 9Xtend, or an XBee product.

Step 1 - Launch XCTU. If you do not have XCTU, you can find the installer here.

Step 2 - Connect your radio to the PC using either an RS232 or USB cable

Step 3 - Use the + (Add radio module) found in the upper left corner of XCTU to add the radio to the PC.  Make sure to select the radios current baud rate, parity, stop bit and COM port when prompted.

Step 4- Once Discovered, select the radio from the list on the left. On the right, the radios current firmware and settings will be displayed

Step 5 - Click on the Update icon on the top of the configuration screen

Step 6 - Select the desired function set and firmware version

Step 7 Determine if you want to keep the radios current setting or not, then click on Update

Once finished updating the firmware, XCTU will read the radio again displaying the new configuration.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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