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HOW TO: Use ARP-Ping to assign an IP address to PortServer TS and Digi One products

Without a DHCP server and the inability to discover the unit on your network, the next  easiest way to configure a static IP address, is by using ARP-Ping.

An IP address can be configured by manually updating a server's ARP table and then pinging the Digi device. Here are the steps for assigning an IP address using ARP-Ping:

1. Record the MAC address of the Digi device. The MAC address is on the label side (bottom) of the unit.

2. Access a server on the same network subnet as the Digi device and go to the command prompt.  In Windows, select Start > Run and type in cmd.

*Note: It may be necessary to run the command line as an Administrator.

3. Manually update the server's ARP table using the Digi device's MAC  address and the IP address you want assigned to the Digi device. The  following is an example of the command you will issue, where is the IP and 00-40-9d-22-23-60 represents the MAC address:

  arp -s 00-40-9d-22-23-60

4. Ping the Digi device using the IP address just assigned. For example:


The ping will probably time out before there is a response from the Digi device.

5. Wait 30 seconds and then ping the Digi device again.  The Digi device should then reply to the ping, indicating that the IP address has been successfully configured.

6. If this does not work to assign an IP address, try factory resetting the device and re-try these steps.

Last updated: Apr 25, 2019

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