How to use the Digi Transports GPS data in Google Maps

How to format Digi Transport GPS data correctly so Google Maps knows how to use it
You can get the GPS data by entering the following command from the unit's CLI or in the WebUI under Management - Position > GPS

Here is the CLI command:
The format from at\mibs=gps is:
gps.0.stats.longitude = 00148.61869 W
gps.0.stats.latitude = 5355.76195 N

This is degrees and decimal minutes:
00148.61869 W = 1 degree 48.61869 minutes West
5355.76195 N = 53 degrees 55.76195 minutes North
You could paste this into Google Maps and insert a space after the whole degrees, eg:
001 48.61869 W 53 55.76195 N
Note:  Whole degrees longitude is always the first 3 digits and whole degrees latitude is always the first 2 digits.

Otherwise, you could enter the longitude and latitude from the TransPort directly into this conversion site:
Note that the order of entering these values are Latitude first and Longitude second.

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Once you enter your data and then hit the "Calc" button, you can use any of the following values in Google Maps:
Degrees Lat Long
Degrees Minutes
Degrees Minutes Seconds

Just cut and paste the values in Google maps.

Last updated: Mar 05, 2019

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