HXC Client: Embedded API - LoRaWAN

The HXC embedded API provides a simple mechanism of adding the HXC LoRaWAN client module to a sensor with an MCU. It is primarily designed for OEMs to rapidly integrate and deploy LoRaWAN devices.

The HXC client must first be integrated to the host MCU using the USART RX, TX and RESET pins of the HXC module. The embedded API exposes 3 key functions of the HXC client module

  1. LoRaWAN security keys
  2. Uplink Messages
  3. Downlink Messages

The Embedded API user manual provides basic guidelines about how to use the HXC Client API for typical embedded sensor applications. The API is developed in C/C++ with specific examples for the STM32 platform.

A working application example is also included for STM32L053R8 using the Nucleo-L053R8 development board with an HXC Client Expansion Board. The example is available for Atollic TrueSTUDIO IDE and Mbed.

Example application source code for TrueSTUDIO can be downloaded from below and the Mbed example can be found here. User manual for our HXC Client is also available


Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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