HXDW USB Gateway Quick Start guide

The Haxiot HXDW USB Picocell is an 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway modem. The HXDW can easily connect to servers that run the Haxiot Gateway Manager software to Haxiot X-ON cloud device management platform. The HXDW Picocell Gateway Manager software can connect to public or private instances of the Haxiot X-ON Cloud platform.


   HXDW USB Gateway Modem

   Supported models: HXDW900

   SMA antenna

   Available USB 2.0 port

   Haxiot Gateway Manager software (USB drive or download)

Supported Operating Systems

   Windows 10 Home / Pro / Enterprise 64-bit

   Linux Ubuntu 64-bit Intel

   Raspian Linux

If you require additional operating system support, please email support@haxiot.com 


Windows 10

  1. Download the latest Haxiot Gateway Manager Windows 10 installation package
  2. Run the installer
  3. Connect the HXDW Gateway to the USB 2.0 port
  4. Add a new Gateway on Haxiot X-ON by copying the Gateway EUI from the Windows Gateway Manager to the Gateway EUI setting on the Add Gateway wizard.  
    (a) Login to Haxiot X-ON

    (b) Select the Network page

    (c) Select Add Gateway

    Copy the Gateway EUI from the Haxiot Gateway Manager application into the EUI & MAC fields. Select Pico as the model and the Power to 21. When finished, select Update.
  5. Using the task tray application in Windows Gateway Manager, switch the Enable to On. 

    The Enable button will cause the Gateway software to automatically start when the HXDW is attached or when Windows is restarted.
  6. The gateway status can be checked from the X-ON Dashboard or in the Gateway detail link under the X-ON Network tab

Raspian Linux

  1. Download Haxiot Gateway Manager for Raspberry Pi 2/3
  2. UnZip folder on your Desktop
  3. To install, run the install.sh script with admin privileges 
  4. Get Gateway EUI by plugging in the picocell and running the './haxiot-gw-init.sh gatewayeui' command
  5. Add a new gateway to Conductor
  6. To start the Packet Forwarder, run the command './haxiot-gw.init.sh start'


Symptom Resolution
Gateway indicator is red Check your USB connection. Remove and re-insert the USB gateway

Gateway oscillates from
red to green

Ensure no other peripherals are connected to the USB port. The
HXDW requires the full 500mA of USB power.
Server indicator is red

Check your internet connection

Check firewall rules permit outbound connections on TCP port 443 (TLS/SSL)

Error message "Gateway EUI is not provisioned"

The Gateway has not been provisioned on Conductor network server. Log in to your Conductor account and add a new gateway.

If you do not have a Conductor account, email sales@haxiot.com to setup a new service.

Last updated: Jul 08, 2021

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