HXDW USB Gateway Software

The HXDW USB gateway USB 2.0 LoRaWAN 8-channel uses a host system such as Windows or Linux to run the Gateway functions to the Network Server. The HXDW USB gateway modems have host-based installer for secure connectivity to the Haxiot IoT Cloud server. The Haxiot HXDW series gateways currently provide software gateway applications for the following operating system.

Windows 10 IoT LTSB 64-bit x.86

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit x.86

Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit x.86

Linux Ubuntu LTS 16.x 64-bit x.86

Linux Ubuntu Core 16 64-bit x.86

Raspian Linux (Raspberry Pi 2/3)  ARM


Windows 10 Installer Package (52MB v19.1.8)


Last updated: Jul 08, 2021

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