HXDW USB power consumption requires dedicated USB port

The HXDW USB picocell gateway is a USB 2.0 device that connects to a USB 2.0 or higher port on a host system. The HXDW is compliant to USB 2.0 specification and consumes the maximum power available to a USB device of 500mA when in transmit mode or during startup. 

It is important to ensure that no other devices are sharing current on the same USB port, or it may be administratively shut down by the operating system. In systems that lack 500mA limiters, the HXDW900 or the USB port may be damaged if multiple devices are connected.

Do not use the HXDW900 gateway with non-powered USB peripherals such as keyboards or passive, un-powered hubs. 

Last updated: Dec 08, 2023

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