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Installing and Uninstalling RealPort in HP-UX

Please be sure to remove any old versions of RealPort prior to installing a new version. The driver removal steps are below.

Basic IP parameters must be set up before the PortServer will operate on the network. Substitute your own IP address, net mask and (optionally) gateway address into the following PortServer command:

#> set config ip= submask= gateway=

The RealPort driver works with ports that are set to "prn". The following command sets up ports 1 through 16:

#> set port ra=1-16 dev=prn

If 8-pin cabling is used, the altpin option should be activated:

#> set flow ra=1-16 altpin=on

Driver Installation:

1. Log onto the console as root.

2. Copy the driver file from diskette or ftp in binary mode.

# cp (filename.tar) /tmp
# tar xvf (filename.tar)

3. Now register the installation package with the system by entering the following command:

swreg -l depot /tmp/drp.pkg

4. Once the component files have been copied, use the swinstall program to copy the component files to the system. Enter the following command:

/usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/drp.pkg

Select the DRP line item Click:

Install (analysis)
Done (when finished)

Upon successful completion, swinstall will reboot your system, click OK.


After completing the driver install, you need to run the "drpadmin" script to create the device files, and start the daemons. The example below configures a PortServer II with 32 ports and with tty id assignments of ttye01 through ttye32:


Please select an option (a)dd (d)elete (s)how (q)uit: a

Enter the node name or IP address:
Enter the number of ports: 32
Enter the tty device id (only 2 chars allowed): e

If the network connection between your HP-UX system and the Digi Device Server (i.e. PortServer)  includes a WAN link slower than 1 MBit enter the WAN speed here:

Note: Leave this blank if the Digi Device Server is on a LAN. If you connect to the Digi Device Server over a slower WAN link, for example at 56K baud, you should enter the numeric bit rate i.e.: 56000.

The following Portserver (as an example) will be configured

	0	   32		e

Is this correct (y to add or x to abort)? y

Creating Digi Realport Devices.... Please wait...Done

Please select an option (a)dd (d)elete (s)how (q)uit: q

Repeat this process for each Digi Device Server (i.e. PortServer, PortServer II) that needs to be added. As soon as you have completed this operation, you will find that all needed devices have been created in /dev, the drpd daemons have been started, and skeleton entries have been placed in /etc/inittab and /etc/ttytype of each new port.

Your new ports are immediately available. No reboot is necessary.

Uninstalling the driver:

1. Remove all existing PortServer entries from drpadmin. Be sure no drp daemons are running:

# ps -ef | grep drp

Kill any drpd processes.

2. Remove the driver by entering the following command:


Select the DRP line item Click:

Removal (analysis)
Done (when finished)

Upon successful completion, swremove will reboot your system, click OK.

Last updated: Apr 25, 2019

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