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Installing or Upgrading the RealPort driver in AIX

To Remove Old Applied Driver:

Any previous driver versions must be removed prior to installing a new version.

Define all associated Realport sa devices to save device configuration, this should be done for all sa devices associated with RealPort:

rmdev -l (sa#) -R


To Remove the RealPort Driver:

# smit

Software Installation and Maintenance

Software Maintenance and Utilities

Remove Installed Software


SOFTWARE name [digiasync.ncxa.obj]

PREVIEW only? [install operation will NOT occur][no]


Install The RealPort Driver:

From AIX root prompt:

installp -a all

From smit:

Software Installation and Maintenance

Install and Update Software

Install and Update from LATEST Available Software


INPUT device / directory for software []

/dev/fd0 for diskette


/dev/(cd_device) for CD device


Enter full path and filename where driver file is located on the AIX server


SOFTWARE to install [digiasync.ncxa.obj]

PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur) [no]

COMMIT software updates? [yes]


SAVE relpaced files? [yes]



To Initialize Defined Devices:

From the AIX root prompt:

smit devices


Install/Configure Devices Added After IPL

INPUT device / directory for software [none]

Press Enter


Configuring the Digi Ethernet Device for Use with RealPort:

After Realport is installed and the Portserver sa device is available:

Login to the Portserver as root the set the following:

set port dev=prn auto=off ra=#-#
set flow altpin=on ra=#-#

(ra = Range of ports to use realport, ie: 1-16)

Reset the Digi device; Realport should then be able to control the configured ports.

Last updated: Apr 25, 2019

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