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Installing RealPort in SCO OpenServer

If you have an existing version of RealPort software installed, this will need to be removed first.

Prior to removing, you may want to make backup copies of the following files: /etc/inittab and /etc/ttytype files to save port configurations.

Remove the old driver using SCO's custom utility.


Installing from the CD without the CDE Desktop environment:

  • Mount the CDROM using the mount command on the CDROM pamphlet.


  • Change directory to the CD mount point:

    # cd /mount_path/drivers/sco_unix

    The ls command should show the driver image in that directory it will be labeled with a 40 million part number, followed by revision letter(s). Copy the driver image to a path on your hard drive and rename the file to: VOL.000.000 (V-OH-EL, the rest are all number zeros).


    Installing the RealPort package using the VOL image

    This process will work with the image from the CD or from a driver image downloaded from our web site.


    • Log in as super-user (root).


    • Type custom. Select Software, then select Install New and select the host name of your system.

      Installing as Media Image:

      Select "Media Image" from the drop down list for Media device.

      Type in the pathname to the directory where the VOL images reside.



    • Highlight the RealPort Software item, then select [Install].


    • Answer any questions prompted, and answer "y" to kernel rebuilding questions then select [OK] when done.


    • Once you reboot, if you are using the most current driver version, you will need to run drpadmin to configure your PortServer and Digi One devices.
Last updated: May 09, 2019

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