Interact with Programmable XBee using the legacy version of XCTU

The following is for the older XCTU versions.

Your programmable XBee needs to be put into bypass mode before the XCTU can talk to the Ember radio on the module. Programmable XBees have two processors, a Freescale processor which can be programmed with the CodeWarrior compiler and they also have the Ember chip for RF. The Freescale processor is in charge and talks to the Ember radio in API mode. To be able to talk to the Ember radio directly with the XCTU, follow these directions:

To put the unit into bypass mode:

Accessing the Boot Loader Menu of the FreeScale Processor

14. Unit should respond with the BootLoader menu



enter B


Read", you will then be able to assign a PAN id, etc....

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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