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How to install new Edgeport devices and drivers on Windows XP

Version 5.70 of Edgeport drivers for Windows XP is the latest version available and does not support newer Edgeport devices identified with part numbers starting with EP-USB-* . This driver is no longer maintained, but did not have any known issues with Windows XP when it was set to a legacy status.

Version 6.x of Edgeport drivers works for older and newer products but has not been certified for Windows XP as it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

The procedure defined in this article is provided by Digi International as an example solution for customers who want to use an Edgeport device using version 6.x drivers with Windows XP. Digi International will not troubleshoot or support any problems that arise from using this solution.

Add a new registry key "DevicePath" with "C:\edgeport drivers" under 

  1. Install old driver 40002537_J.exe (v5.70) or 40002537_C.exe (v4.20)
  2. Files get unzipped to “C:\edgeport drivers” and setup runs in a DOS command prompt.
  3. Plug in the old Edgeport/416
  4. The old Edgeport/416 gets found and installed. The Edgeport Utility also gets installed and found in the Start Menu.
  5. Unplug the old Edgeport/416
  6. Install (unzip) the new driver, in this example 40002537_M (v6.04) found here: on top of the old driver
  7. During the setup process it may look like a DOS command prompt window appears for a very short time but disappears immediately.
  8. Connect the new Edgeport/216
  9. For every COM ports, in this example 18 ports, the ‘Found new hardware wizard’ will show up. You have to go through this process for each ports.
  10. Once this is done, the Edgeport/216 will now work as expected.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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