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Linux ADDP Command Examples For Use With Digi Terminal Servers

Using the addp binary on your Linux host, ensure there are executable permissions (chmod a+x addp). 

Here are some examples on its usage:

Assign IP address, subnet mask and gateway:
./addp -S -m 00:40:9D:##:##:## -a -s -g -p dbps
Where –S is to save the settings, –m is the MAC address, -a is the IP address being assigned, -s is the subnet mask being assigned, -g is the gateway address being assigned and –p is the root password.
Reboot a Digi device:
./addp -R -m 00:40:9D:##:##:## -p dbps
Where –R is to reboot –m is the MAC address and –p is the root password.
Query for all Digi devices on the LAN:
./addp –Q
Where –Q is to query all.
Additional details on the addp command flags and ports can be found here:

Last updated: Aug 23, 2018

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