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Linux Printer Hardware Flow Control Configuration.

Hardware Flow Control is indicated whenever a printer is having buffer overruns, is losing sections of a file, or is having other problems which can't seem to be resolved. Most printers are simply more reliable under hardware flow control.


1) The Printer

Should be set for hardware flow control.
On most printers this is DTR flow control (Okidata printers should be set for SSD- and Ready/Busy).

2) The Cable

Use the Standard Printer Cable as diagrammed in cable guide

3)The Unix server

  • Add the following lines to inittab (at the end of the file)
    DG01:2345:once:cat < /dev/ttyD000 > /dev/null &
    dg01:2345:once:ditty ctspace altpin -ixon -ixoff -ixany /dev/ttyD1
    [note: use DG01 and dg01 for ttyD000, DG02 and dg02 for /dev/ttyD001, etc.Please supplement tty names according to Digi driver version on your system] [*altpin should only be used on 8 wire cable]
  • Set up the printer spooler following the documentation included with your distribution. The spooler should not exercise flow control (because the port itself, which has just been set up, will handle the necessary flow control requirements).
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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