Login prompt when connecting to Terminal Server's COM port via terminal emulator


After installing the RealPort driver on the PortServer (II or TS), the user can successfully connect to the COM port, using a terminal emulator such as HyperTerminal, but gets a login prompt after hitting enter.


When using the RealPort driver, the serial port in question needs to be set to device type prn.  If it is instead set to term, you will be prompted for a login.


Telnet into the PortServer and issue the following command:

set port range=1-8 (change 8 to 16 if you have a 16 port terminal server)

This will display the port settings for the PortServer.  If the dev type for the port in question is not set to prn you will need to change this:

set port range=1-8 dev=prn

Note:  The example above changes ports 1-8.  This can also be set on a per port basis.  For example, to set this for port 1:

set port range=1 dev=prn

Last updated: May 09, 2019

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