LTE Cat 1 Antenna Guide

A wide variety of antennas are available for LTE. These include embedded
antennas that go inside a device's enclosure, "rubber duck" external
antennas, vehicle mounted versions, MIMO antennas that combine multiple
elements in one package and many others. For Digi products that do not
define a particular antenna, such as Digi XBee Cellular, users may choose
the solution that best meets their needs.

Many LTE antennas come with SMA or N type connectors. These will require
adapter cables to the U.FL connectors most common on embedded modems.
For best antenna performance, total cable length should be kept as short as
possible, with the antenna itself located apart from metal objects that can
cause interference.

While Digi does not have a specific approved antenna or listing of approved
antennas, the sources listed below can provide a good starting point for your
application. Digi does not endorse any supplier over another; this is a partial


Antenna cables and adapters

U.FL to U.FL extension cables

U.FL to SMA 

U.FL to N

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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